If there’s one thing we all know to be true about the zombie apocalypse, it’s that you’ll have a much better chance to survive in a group than on your own. Successful groups will specialize, allowing each member to play to their strengths, and capitalize on individual skill-sets.

While everyone in the zombie apocalypse would benefit from the agility that comes with parkour training, there are three main roles that benefit the most:

Scout / Sniper: The scout is very much a support role, getting eyes on the Zombies’ movements and numbers, and (in the case of the Sniper) possibly provide some cover fire. You’re going to need to get as high as possible, so lots of climbing skills will be necessary. Wall-runs, Dynos, Cats, and Tic-Tacs are your best friend. Also rolls to help you get down.

Scavenger: Your group is going to need supplies, which means they’ll need somebody who can get in and get out, without getting eaten. Emphasis should be on asymmetrical vaults (safety, speed, gate), wall-runs and rolls are key. Practice while holding things in your off-hand, or with a bag slung over your shoulder.

Decoy: This is probably the most dangerous role, but if you’re in a group without another traceur, it’s easily the most valuable. If you can lead the Zs through town, always staying twenty feet ahead, the rest of your group can gather supplies or get to where they need to go with relative ease. Decoys need the most well-rounded experience, and while most every type of vault or maneuver is going to come in handy at some point, speeds, rolls, dive-rolls, and wall-runs should be your bread and butter.

A well-rounded traceur should be able to jump into any of the above roles with relative ease, but if you don’t have the time or ability, pick a role and focus on training for that role.

Keep Surviving,

– Jesse

2 thoughts on “Role-playing

  1. I’d like to add that the Scout would probably also act as a supply runner, and the sniper would need to carry a lot of equipment, so being able to do all the movements while carrying a good amount of weight is a good idea

    • Good call(s), Andrew. I think the Scavenger would be more apt to be a supply runner than the Scout, though (more overlapping skills). Also, in the case of supplies and/or sniper equipment, you’re probably going to be more prepared, you can cinch the straps up tight, or use a two-strapped backpack, so aside from the extra weight, it’s not going to be much different than normal parkour. A scavenger is going to be grabbing whatever bag they can find, stuffing it, and getting out as quickly as possible, so they’ll need to be able to move with a looser strap.

      I’m going to go into much more detail on each role in later posts, so stay tuned.

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