Run For Your Lives… However You Want

So I guess I made yesterday’s announcement a little prematurely… The RFYL thing just fell through. I honestly didn’t expect it to happen when I first contacted them, but they responded favorably, and as we kept progressing I got so excited about it that I jumped the gun. Here’s what happened:

I contacted them about three weeks ago, explained who I was and what I do, and proposed a partnership, where I’d come up to the Washington run and give workshops to runners before their leg started. I wasn’t asking to get paid, but I was hoping I could swing a free registration out of the deal. This was about two days after I’d launched ZET, I had made like one real post (aside from the “hey, I’m here!” intro post), and even expect a response. So when they replied the next day with a counter-proposal (a free sponsor’s booth and a small training area near the start line where I could help people 1-on-1), I was surprised, and really excited about the prospect.

Things progressed well over the next two weeks: They told me the types of obstacles they would have, the types of zombies they’d be using (neither of which I can tell you šŸ˜› ), and I told them what types of techniques I would teach, and what sort of props I’d have with me.We discussed liability waivers, and registration paperwork (they did agree to comp me a race), etc.. My last correspondence with Reed Street Productions (the parent company behind RFYL) was very reassuring: “Everything looks good. I just need to make one last pass with the coordinators, and I’ll have a confirmation for you tomorrow.” This, coupled with a previous unintentional leak about the partnership, led me to make the announcement Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, Thursday brought with it not a confirmation, but an apology: They cited a lack of space, and vague liability and security risks. I contacted them today and talked out the specifics, offered alternatives, etc.. It turns out that Reed Street is at a huge riskĀ unless I have insurance covering me and anyone I taught up to a Million dollars. There really wasn’t anything else for me to do except accept their apology and wish them luck.

I don’t blame Reed Street for their reticence, or for “leading me on.” It wasn’t their fault, sometimes these things just don’t materialize the way we’d like them to. To their credit, they offered me a sponsor booth at a huge discount as compensation, but I respectfully declined.

Long story short, IĀ won’t be going to Run For Your Lives Washington, but I still encourage everyone else to consider it. There’s still time to register if you want to go. For those of you who do go, have fun and good luck!

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