About ZET

Our Mission:
To prepare you to survive and navigate the zombie apocalypse through parkour.

Why Use Parkour?
Maybe you need to get supplies back to base. Maybe you don’t have a weapon. Or maybe there are just too many of them. There are a number of reasons you might run away from zombies rather than fighting them. We’ll provide you with the parkour techniques most effective when evading zombies, along with modifications to execute them while carrying an object.

Jesse Ferguson has been practicing parkour for seven years. He is a member of Portland’s Legacy Parkour and Freerunning team, which focuses on performance, instruction, and community outreach. Jesse also teaches regular workshops on using parkour to survive the zombie apocalypse, both through this site and Revolution Parkour in Beaverton, Oregon.

All education should be this fun! The guys at ZET create a legit atmosphere by putting you in crazy situations and then they give you the tools (knowledge, technique, and things) to help get you out.

– Matt Antis, Owner/Operator, Revolution Parkour